We turn data into evidence.

In a digital world, finding hidden pieces of evidence that can make or break your case is critical. But with so much data rapidly flowing between mobile devices, computers, and the cloud, finding what matters can seem daunting.
That’s where Digital Strata comes in.



Tried & trusted digital forensic methods.

Every time a key is tapped, a screen swiped, or a document downloaded, a digital fingerprint is left behind. At Digital Strata we collect those fingerprints for you from anywhere at any time using tried and trusted digital forensic methods. From there our digital forensics experts turn that complex and technical data into an accessible story.

Our Team & The Process

Our forensic examiners can find the missing pieces!


2.5 Quintillion bytes

Data produced each day


3.6 Million texts sent

Every minutes in the U.S.


833 thousand files uploaded

Every minutes to Dropbox

Is inventory mysteriously disappearing, has your company been accused of mislabeling ingredients, or are parts on a purchased product installed incorrectly?

There is a wealth of data stored on company servers that may not spring to mind when considering digital forensics, but our forensic examiners can find the missing pieces. No matter what type of data or where it is stored, it can’t stay hidden from Digital Strata. Even if your case hinges on unstructured data, Digital Strata’s in-house development team can create custom tools and solutions to bring that hidden evidence to light.

Case Studies

Since 2002, we’ve been helping attorneys, corporations, HR, and IT departments weed out fraud, stop data leakage, and protect their interests from the dark side of the digital world.

"Our firm has been working with Digital Strata for the last two years.  I cannot compliment Dan and his team enough on their communication, delivery on deadlines, and exceeding our expectations.  We will be happily working with Digital Strata for the foreseeable future." - Brian Barjenbruch - KC Property Law

“Our firm retained Digital Strata to organize and evaluate a massive amount of data maintained by our client’s vehicle management system. The project required our consultant, Nick Harris, to obtain and learn the bespoke software program which ran the system. Nick went over and aboard with fast turnaround of ever more detailed analyses to aid our preparation for depositions and, ultimately, for a successful outcome on summary judgment.”

-Tracy Moran, McCormack Suny LLC

“We've had the pleasure of working with Dan Fischler and Nick Harris from Digital Strata for multiple years now. They are part of the team at Datamine Discovery and we communicate daily with them regarding forensic investigation and data collection matters. What I like best about them is their combination of technical and communication skills. Each time I work with them, I know the project is in good hands.”

-Scott King, Managing Partner, Datamine Discovery

“Digital Strata went above and beyond to address my client’s concerns.  They were responsive and timely in their communication.  I appreciated them breaking down and guiding us through the process of obtaining the information we were searching for.  I will certainly be using them in the future and highly recommend them to anyone going through the litigation process.”

-Samantha Sader - Krigel & Krigel

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We like to think of what we do as electronic dumpster diving, but instead of a pile of mismatched treasure, we put our findings into a well-crafted package bringing our clients the results they want and need. How can we help you?