Digital Forensics

Building a case starts with gathering evidence.

In our digital age, evidence most often comes in the form of documents, online communications, internet usage, GPS tracking, and, really, anything that’s done on a digital device.


Building the Case

Data Collection and Forensics—Finding the Evidence

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Because people use all types of devices, Digital Strata’s collection processes are tailored to the device, but we merge the information from all your sources to better tell the story.

Every time an email is sent, a social post is uploaded, or a website is searched, a digital recording of the event is made. For security professionals, litigators, and corporations, all of this stored data is a rich source of intelligence that is invaluable for investigations and litigation.

Our team at Digital Strata is skilled at using data collection and forensic processes to collect Electronically Stored Information (ESI), and then we take it to the next level by using computer and mobile forensics to aggregate data across all sources and devices to clearly show evidence and build a timeline story. You will know the “who”, “what”, “where”, and “when” to help you solve the “why”.


No Matter Where the Evidence Lies, We Find It


Computer Forensics

Nearly every business relies on computers, and as businesses grow they turn to servers and storage media to securely and efficiently communicate and store company information. The tools that help companies run smoothly, can also open the door to data leaks, cybercrimes, and unauthorized access. Our computer forensic experts use specialized techniques and tools to recover deleted files, analyze system logs, and trace digital footprints, gathering and preserving digital evidence for legal purposes.



Look around. No matter where you are, you’ll see someone or everyone tapping away on a mobile device. The ability to carry a phone or tablet wherever you go and hide the face behind the text, search, or post, creates a false sense of anonymity. But even sitting in a coffee shop away from prying eyes, any site that’s accessed or message sent will be digitally recorded, meaning mobile device users are anything but anonymous to a well-trained mobile forensic expert.

Digital Strata employs specialized software and methodologies to recover deleted data, decode encrypted information, and reconstruct timelines of events. We explore smartphones and tablets looking at evidence like text messages, call records, location data, app usage history, and more finding data that can be critical for cases involving cyberbullying, theft, fraud, and other digital offenses.

We collect, preserve, and analyze a wide array of data including:

Text and instant messages

Photos & images


Voicemails and phone call logs

Social Media


Microsoft Office documents


GPS & location data

Internet search and browser history

Web bookmarks

Log files


Remote Electronic Data Collection

Because getting in-person access to people’s digital devices can be complicated, we now offer remote electronic collection.

Digital Strata can conduct data collection in person working within the client’s time constraints, but we’ve found it is more convenient for everyone to use our remote electronic evidence collection services. Our forensic specialists collect, preserve, and analyze ESI without your client needing to leave their office or give up possession of their computer, tablet, or phone.

For data stored on digital devices, Digital Strata sends a remote collection kit with an encrypted hard drive to your client who lets us know when it arrives and schedules a time for us to meet virtually to perform the collection. Depending on the type of device and data, a collection takes from 2-3 hours. Once complete, the collection kit is sent back to us using a prepaid shipping label. Our team processes and then sends you the requested data, reports, and analysis.

Our equipment, collection, and preservation procedures ensure that your evidence is fully defensible. Plus we offer flat-fee pricing for each type of collection (smartphone, tablet, and computer) so you’ll know upfront what your project will cost. Call us to see how we can work with you. Convenient, secure, and cost-effective!


Clean and Clear Evidence

No matter where the data we gather has come from, we will analyze the ESI and, using our specialized software, transform it into a format that enables our clients to perform an efficient review.

Our experts compile all that data into an understandable and readable format including reports, timelines, and online access to the data. If we are collecting data remotely or on-site, from one or one hundred devices, we will ensure the integrity of the evidence we collect from start to finish. Using forensic imaging we assure files can be viewed but not altered, and we retain a chain of custody record for all evidence we collect.

Whether accidental violations of corporate policy or pre-meditated criminal security breaches, the wrongdoer leaves behind digital fingerprints that, when we expertly extract and piece them together, can build a clear picture of evidence for even the most complex investigations.

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“Digital Strata went above and beyond to address my client’s concerns.  They were responsive and timely in their communication.  I appreciated them breaking down and guiding us through the process of obtaining the information we were searching for.  I will certainly be using them in the future and highly recommend them to anyone going through the litigation process." - Samantha Sader - Krigel & Krigel 

"Our firm has been working with Digital Strata for the last two years.  I cannot compliment Dan and his team enough on their communication, delivery on deadlines, and exceeding our expectations.  We will be happily working with Digital Strata for the foreseeable future." - Brian Barjenbruch - KC Property Law

"Our firm retained Digital Strata to organize and evaluate a massive amount of data maintained by our client’s vehicle management system. The project required our consultant, Nick Harris, to obtain and learn the bespoke software program which ran the system. Nick went over and aboard with fast turnaround of ever more detailed analyses to aid our preparation for depositions and, ultimately, for a successful outcome on summary judgment." - Tracy Moran, McCormack Suny LLC

"We've had the pleasure of working with Dan Fischler and Nick Harris from Digital Strata for multiple years now. They are part of the team at Datamine Discovery and we communicate daily with them regarding forensic investigation and data collection matters. What I like best about them is their combination of technical and communication skills. Each time I work with them, I know the project is in good hands." - Scott King, Managing Partner, Datamine Discovery