Review Ready Communications

How we communicate has changed rapidly in recent years which is why we developed Review Ready Communications. Where once email was all the rage, it is quickly being overshadowed by alternatives like text, SnapChat, WhatsApp, and business communication platforms like Slack. In the world of eDiscovery, this creates a problem. We still use traditional eDiscovery tools, but they are made to read individual documents, not threads, and certainly not emojis.


Data Collection

Finding Clues in Modern Communication


Digital Strata’s in-house development team has created a solution: Review Ready Communications software that extracts data from all communication sources and displays it just as you’d see on your phone or tablet.

With Review Ready Communications the collected data is displayed within your favorite eDiscovery platform in a format that is as accurate as if we’d taken a screenshot of your WhatsApp or SnapChat conversation. This gives you a better context to what is being said and when contact occurred. And those emojis that often give added insight to digital conversations? We keep them in there for you to see and search on!

The Solution

Custom Tools & Solutions to Meet Today’s Needs


Review Ready Communications is just another example of how our in-house development team regularly creates custom tools and solutions for unique problems so our customers reap the benefits. Why try to piece together who, what, when, and where, when you can have it all in one place? Save time and effort, and build a more precise case.

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“Digital Strata went above and beyond to address my client’s concerns.  They were responsive and timely in their communication.  I appreciated them breaking down and guiding us through the process of obtaining the information we were searching for.  I will certainly be using them in the future and highly recommend them to anyone going through the litigation process." - Samantha Sader - Krigel & Krigel 

"Our firm has been working with Digital Strata for the last two years.  I cannot compliment Dan and his team enough on their communication, delivery on deadlines, and exceeding our expectations.  We will be happily working with Digital Strata for the foreseeable future." - Brian Barjenbruch - KC Property Law

"Our firm retained Digital Strata to organize and evaluate a massive amount of data maintained by our client’s vehicle management system. The project required our consultant, Nick Harris, to obtain and learn the bespoke software program which ran the system. Nick went over and aboard with fast turnaround of ever more detailed analyses to aid our preparation for depositions and, ultimately, for a successful outcome on summary judgment." - Tracy Moran, McCormack Suny LLC

"We've had the pleasure of working with Dan Fischler and Nick Harris from Digital Strata for multiple years now. They are part of the team at Datamine Discovery and we communicate daily with them regarding forensic investigation and data collection matters. What I like best about them is their combination of technical and communication skills. Each time I work with them, I know the project is in good hands." - Scott King, Managing Partner, Datamine Discovery