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Keep Proprietary Data Where it Belongs

The line between work and home has become more blurred as technological advances have allowed workers to have files and information a click away no matter where they are. The problem is that once company files are attached to a tablet, phone, or at-home PC, it’s hard to disconnect them.

This has led to the issue of new hires inadvertently, or even intentionally, introducing proprietary data into their new workplace raising your liability risk.

Cut your risk by contacting Digital Strata to identify and remediate any intellectual property, business processes, customer lists, contacts, email, text messages, or other data that's been stored across your new employee’s devices.


What We Do

Identify and Remediate Data

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Digital Strata will identify potentially risky information and its location from a wide array of devices and sources including:

Computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones

Portable storage devices including USB thumb and external drives

Cloud storage (DropBox, Box, Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive)

Email, text messages, photos, and contacts

Our first step is to create a forensic image of each data source. Next, we remove or remediate, potentially damaging information. When remediation is complete, we QC the process and certify the results by making another image of each data source.

We store the original source data, the remediated items, and the post-remediation image until it’s not needed. At your discretion, we can return sensitive data to your new employee’s previous employer. Once you tell us the data is no longer needed, we securely destroy it.  

There’s no reason to take chances. We can set up a plan to investigate data sources for any and all of your new hires ensuring everyone starts with a clean, and risk-free slate. 

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“Digital Strata went above and beyond to address my client’s concerns.  They were responsive and timely in their communication.  I appreciated them breaking down and guiding us through the process of obtaining the information we were searching for.  I will certainly be using them in the future and highly recommend them to anyone going through the litigation process." - Samantha Sader - Krigel & Krigel 

"Our firm has been working with Digital Strata for the last two years.  I cannot compliment Dan and his team enough on their communication, delivery on deadlines, and exceeding our expectations.  We will be happily working with Digital Strata for the foreseeable future." - Brian Barjenbruch - KC Property Law

"Our firm retained Digital Strata to organize and evaluate a massive amount of data maintained by our client’s vehicle management system. The project required our consultant, Nick Harris, to obtain and learn the bespoke software program which ran the system. Nick went over and aboard with fast turnaround of ever more detailed analyses to aid our preparation for depositions and, ultimately, for a successful outcome on summary judgment." - Tracy Moran, McCormack Suny LLC

"We've had the pleasure of working with Dan Fischler and Nick Harris from Digital Strata for multiple years now. They are part of the team at Datamine Discovery and we communicate daily with them regarding forensic investigation and data collection matters. What I like best about them is their combination of technical and communication skills. Each time I work with them, I know the project is in good hands." - Scott King, Managing Partner, Datamine Discovery