Digital Forensics

Covers a wide range of digital devices, operating systems and cloud

We use our smartphones multiple times per hour, we collaborate globally via the cloud and our laptops are the hub of our devices. Digital devices have become integral to our lives, creating opportunities for advancement, as well as exposing new avenue for wrongdoing. Each device we use is a piece of a larger puzzle, and digital forensics can put it all together.

At Digital Strata, we’re experts in the collection and analysis of all kinds of data. We’ve assisted our clients in identifying a wide variety of inappropriate conduct, including fraud and embezzlement, texting/distracted driving, and intellectual property theft.

Digital Forensics
  • Forensically-sound content and metadata preservation
  • Deleted data identification and recovery
  • Smartphone and tablet analysis
  • Windows registry, artifact and log file analysis
  • Cloud (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.) activity
  • Analysis of calls, chats, web histories and log files
  • Password and encryption cracking